by Egality

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released July 1, 2010

Recording, Mixing and Mastering done by Charlie Bursch at Elicit Sound in Latrobe, PA

Artwork done by Egality



all rights reserved


Egality Derry, Pennsylvania

A New Breed Formed in Aug of 2007

"we are ashamed of nothing, we do not fear imperfection, we enjoy your support, we are ashamed of nothing"...

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Track Name: Noumena's Morph unto Mushin
As will trickles through the cushions of conceived horizons the operator embeds itself into the functions of humanities pinwheel. Animal instinct coincides with the efforts of achieving manual activity. Trudging beside ignorance captivates with similar movements within the captives, flailing the occupied limbs by the construction of more. Energy becomes focused on documented grids downfall and puppets become smothered from the fountains spurt of fixated fables of fate. As bots in a costume, ego floods the chalice without repent, quenching droughts in salvation's reservoirs. The leeches proceed draining the lives in degradation with a withering bloom in advancement. In a diminishing sarcophagus, faith is connected to all the inputs that fuel an achieving descent. Inside out expression defragments the system in misplacement, delivering waves in a virus of inconvenient convenience. Transcending in a crossover the shackles burst and explosions signify transitions in limitless exposure. Emerging as light through a spectrum, the chest gathers an abyss of abtrusities that were inconceivable in chains. Errors of bacteria neutralize as potential is altered by the vacuum of self conception, willed by descent only to anticipate the direction, form, and validity of another transformation. Cushioned by heated spheres, floating rotations spiral into light-like reflections. Soaring through immensities of space a realm is birthed.