Euphoric Disdain

by Egality

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Rose Kennedy
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Rose Kennedy It's sounds amazing and it just explains a lot. Favorite track: Euphoria’s Void.
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Recorded at Colfax Alley Studios Akron OH. Feb. 2014
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by James Curl
Garret Costlow-Assistant Engineer
Nick Williams-Production Assistant
Artwork done by Joseph Mack Pittsburgh, PA


released July 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Egality Derry, Pennsylvania

A New Breed Formed in Aug of 2007

"we are ashamed of nothing, we do not fear imperfection, we enjoy your support, we are ashamed of nothing"...

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Track Name: Triad Talisman
Secreting serpents adjust the knobs of comprehension to diminished processing. Reduced to brain dead mannequins are the elderly equations of embodiment. Transparent tranluscence in trinity tempt my temptations in the acts of treacherous treason. Tear the toiled tormentors and and dissect the demented delirium. Majestic monolithes, dilute these diseased drones and drown the damned. Entranced in empty words, lost in battered lies, I end the fucking line.
Track Name: Paradigm Perceptions
Annihilate the angst for prophecy among the putrefied puzzle of pawns. The adolescence is pondered while deflowering the pods in the path of ignorance. I gather and dispose, delay what knows. Cubes of corridors overlap the gap between the shrinking among the solidified sequence. As experiments unfold the cauldron overflows the skeptics placement of confirmation. Relentless eruptions nudge the brink of chaos destroying the shackles of reality in the eyes of mortal treason.
Track Name: Erasing Ethereal Enchantments
We breathe the blinding light to suffocate the clarified fluorescence. Paradigms are withered. We walk among green pastures to cripple the blooming of the brussels. Prosper and detract the infinite limitations of eternity. I swim among pools of immortality, while draining the flourishing fountain. Accustomed to intertwine the knots while untangling the manifolds of the sauter. In this clairvoyant perception, your cowardice charisma retreats to your karmic combustion. You cower under the fear of distorting the unknown. The shell begins to perish as the soul begins the transportation. A battering betrayal of begetting in the beckoning bargain. The body can’t function and all connotation disregards the force that sourced the enchantment. Disregard the force that sourced the enchantment.
Track Name: Demented Descension
Cushioned in the shell is where the legions began to blister. Spiraling synapses strangle my structure in the altercation of the chemicals. Absence is intact as adapters strengthen their grasp. Like leeches thoughts linger devouring life’s liquid with a lust for nullification. Looping the fragments of frames as the polar wars carry out the battles of rise of fall. Awaken to the undecipherable dream of life’s lethargic lapse. Rupture thy coils and submit thy thought to naught.

You’re the tremor that teases temptation.
You’re the knife that dices negation.
You’re the prying that punctures prosperity.
You’re the poison that infects eternity.

Float through my void and experience your denouncing. Dwell in my depths and douse yourself with disparity. Mold me from clay and watch me shape-shift. Your chains will burst as I betray your behemoths bowels.

You’re the tremor that teases temptation.
You’re the knife that dices negation.
You’re the dementor of devouring destruction.
You’re the noose nudging my annihilation.
Track Name: Morbid Neglect
Fucking disgusted by your thoughtless actions and morbid neglect left crumbled in ruins. Caged and helpless their lives left to rot by a weak mind. Weak, disgusting, thoughtless, morbid neglect. Worthless scum, you will get yours. Rot, decompose.
Track Name: Cerebral Chalice
Scattered the runes were left in shambles. Chaos contorted the simple gestures of right and wrong. My mind sifted through infinity yet remained indecisive in fear of the serpents strike. As time and motion seized existence, the rapture cloaked my being with its colorless cape. Downward the spiral descended, paralyzing the simple will of waking. Submerged in senseless slumber, I devoured my destiny and eviscerated the entire entity I had become. Regurgitated was every sickening form of putrid persona dwelling in thy depths. As I entered the entraiIs I discovered a shimmer in thy remains. Ingesting the reflection, digesting my neglection. When you serve my orgasmic platter, I will consume your wretched nephesh. I will neglect your grievance gospel and christen the choir. You’ve been reduced to redundant rhyme. I sever the inner walls, lacerate, and carve my costume.
Track Name: Euphoria’s Void
Expectations of a high set promise land dimmed. Dimmed by shadowed figurines of a prior chapter of existence. Pursuing a further isolation from a despised atmosphere. Spawned objections of reconstructing a blueprint create new motivation for a substantial state of mind. This struggles a peon solidifying my distaste for our own surroundings. Expectations of a high set promise land dimmed by shadowed figurines of a prior chapter of existence. The juggernaut will take its course gracefully hovering until its anchor halts its echo.
Track Name: Damnation Dissipation
Awaken the adepts to allure this unkempt kith. Detract deceptions disinfect fragments of filth. Shrouded are the combines that perpetually fuel the foregrounds. Corroded at the seams the machine begins to crumble from inside out. The shrinkings claustrophobic with descension succumbing to the end of all iota. Secrete the venomous vapors in the vials among the vortex and conjure the aethyr within the chaos. Conspired, aspired, conjugations create the crystals for the cohesion chamber. Transforming I soar as one mending with the cosmos. Trudging through the abyss I discover thy origin in a heap of nothingness. Pitch black and scorched I ponder among the loopholes deriving all in the absence. Reaching out I lost the placements. They’ve disintegrated into dust. Disposition denied, no common grounds to construct our temple. My repugnance smothered the fire. Smog smoke detested the ashes. Strangle the flames and watch as they gurgle their last breath. Scolded masks are the remnants of this shattered failure. My repugnance smothered the fire.